Internal Diversification Is The Key To Restoring America’s Super Power

We achieved independence from one sovereign country, England, only to give it all back to another multitude, the global corporate plutocracy that is ruining us all.

We have a constitutional democracy, though it has been completely overtaken by corruption by way of lobbyists.

But we still have 300 million citizens and a beautiful country filled with unimaginable natural and intellectual resources.  We’re still in the game, and we can win.

Here’s a good place to start:  buy only American.  And encourage Americans to begin to make and sell the things that we now buy from foreign soil.  You say it will cost more?  What costs more than losing your job, or seeing your fellow Americans loose their jobs, their benefits, their sanity?  And when the jobs go, revenue goes and everyone suffers.  Have you noticed?

Buy only American and encourage Americans to begin to make those things we now buy from overseas.  Let us buy steel once again from Pittsburgh.  Let us buy oil only from American sources.  Cotton?  From the South?  Clothing?  From wherever it can be made in this country.

Some say that we can topple the global corporate plutocracy, and take down the awful bankers in the process, if we make a run on the banks and pull our money.  But Bernacke will only fill the hole with more printed dollars.  It would be like withdrawing your hand from a bucket of water:  no trace of your absence would be left behind.

But we could topple the global corporate plutocracy, and begin to reconstitute this great country, if we made for each other and supported each other.  For those resources that are in short supply, bring in our entrepreneurs!  We’re a very smart country; we’ll find a way to fix, repair, and create what we need.  We’ve made a mansion out of a matchbox before.  We can do it again.

And once our country gets humming again, on its own steam and with the power of its own people, we can turn our attention to Washington, D.C.  There’s a lot of work yet to be done there.  But before we can drain the swamp in Washington, we have to weaken its source:  global corporate/banking plutocrats that, like a cancer, are destroying the lives of those they feed upon.

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The Irish: All Their Wars Are Happy, All Their Songs Are Sad

The Irish have folded.  They’ve given in to the bankers.  They have been coerced, by some unknown means, into taking on more debt as a way to pay off the debt they now have, which is more than they can pay.

I love the Irish.  I wished they’d said, NO!  GO AWAY!

Who will say NO to the banking cartel?  Who?  Must every domino fall until the cascade of collapsing economies leads irrevocably to Beijing, where the $2.7 trillion dollars in reserve will gladly be coughed up to bail out the IMF?  Does China get to win without firing a single shot?  And how many millions will be brow-beaten into believing that it is all their fault for not being more fiscally responsible, and asked to pay and pay and pay to bail out the masters of the universe for the bets that went bust?

Oh, the Irish.  Oh, the Icelanders.  Oh, the rest of us.

And not a single shot.

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Another Great Video About World Banking Crisis, Part II

I just discovered Chris Green on You Tube.  His video today must be viewed as a classic You Tube equivalent of Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense.”  Enjoy.

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Consequences Too Terrible To Contemplate

It appears the Irish have been coerced into accepting a “bailout” for a banking crisis fabricated by offshore bankers who began to get skittish about their risk on Irish bonds and, so, drove up the premiums in a concerted effort to squeeze the entire Eurozone into coughing up more money to stuff the bankers over-flowing coffers.  In the process, the bankers have made a killing:  once the bailout is a done deal, all that profit can be taken off the table and parked in the bankers own bonus accounts.

This process is now a common event in Europe:  Iceland, Greece, now Ireland.  Next:  Portugal and then Spain … possibly, in the end, France.  And each bailout comes with it the same scenario accompanied by re-cresting waves from previous bailouts, as is now happening (again) with the problem of Greek debt.

We are facing a similar scenario here within the borders of our own country, the American Zone, with states like California and Michigan playing the part of Greece and Ireland.

All in all, the stronger states/countries are forced – by bankers who are driving up premiums and paying off insiders within government – to carry the debt burden for those that are dying on the periphery.  But like a gangrenous leg that is not cut off, but is dressed and bandaged instead, the infection becomes systemic and eventually kills the patient in a process that produces the most putrid mass imaginable.

I think it possible that the end game looks like what I’ve seen all too often in the ICU:  multiple system organ failure, shock, and collapse.  The signs of shock, defined as the “rude unhinging of the mechanism of life,” is characterized by a fall in pressure.  Economically, that looks like depression.  And as doctors have no choice but to flood the patient with fluids to try to increase the blood pressure, likewise, central banks print money.  Since it appears the world needs about 500 trillion dollars to cover all the debt, it seems that hyperinflation is what we will see.  Perhaps not.  Or, perhaps soon.

As a surgeon, I would recommend the following:  cut off the leg now.  Get rid of the bankers, return to each country printing – not borrowing from central banks – its own money:  take a look at how well that works at the state level in South Dakota where, today, they continue to have a budget surplus.  Cut off the legs of the bankers, and support the patient without gorging the system with everything in the medicine cart, and allow the citizens to heal from this mortal wound.

For more, take a look at this very informative and award-winning video on banking and money:

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The Tea Party Was A Reaction: The Greenback Party Is A Solution

At last, money explained!

Does the concept of central banking confuse you?

Do you find it difficult to get your mind wrapped around the particulars of the present world financial crisis?

Can you make sense of the diametrically opposed arguments between impending deflation versus impending hyperinflation?

Watch this video.  Understand it all.  Then take it viral.

The Greenback Party begins today.  Here.  With this:

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Birth Of The Greenback Party

Time Has Run Out On Our Money

Please take a look at this video, and then make it viral.

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Crisis In Texas

I found this today on Mish’s Global Economic Forecast website, under the Comments section.  This is just dreadful news that apparently is locked inside a black hole created by the drug cancer along the border.  We need to deploy the National Guard and get this problem fixed.

BSwan has been noting this for some time, but if you’re thinking the Mexico crisis is not _that_ bad, well, the media is sugar coating things for you.
If you’re standing at the wrong place at the wrong time along the border in Texas, you may get the surprise of your life.
Two weeks ago, Mexican soldiers clashed here with drug cartel gangsters in running gun battles that lasted five hours. The outlaws hijacked vehicles, including a bus, for use as barricades and battering rams. Terrified residents scrambled for safety. At least a dozen people were killed, including bystanders. Children were wounded in the crossfire.

Not a single word about it appeared in the local news media.

Nuevo Laredo has three television news channels, four daily newspapers and at least five radio stations that broadcast news, but every outlet ignored the biggest story of the year. Nuevo Laredo is not an isolated village but the busiest city along the U.S.-Mexico border, a vital U.S. trade partner with a population of 360,000, professional sports teams, universities and an international airport.

Fearing for their lives and the safety of their families, journalists are adhering to a near-complete news blackout, under strict orders of drug smuggling organizations and their enforcers, who dictate — via daily telephone calls, e-mails and news releases — what can and cannot be printed or aired.

“We are under their complete control,” said a veteran reporter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

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